Cat Haven Greater Baton Rouge

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Our mission is to lead Baton Rouge in becoming a no-kill community for cats and kittens by providing care, shelter, and adoption services, as well as advocating for routine spaying and neutering to ensure population control and quality of life. Since our inception in 1999, we have saved the lives of more than 14,500 cats and kittens. By doing so, we have also helped our community members find the purrfect furry friend to add to their family. By donating today, you help us continue this great work!

Cancellation and Privacy Policy:

Please contact to learn more about cancellation options for one-time or recurring donations. Cat Haven collects information about our donors, such as name and contact information provided upon payment. Cat Haven does not share donor contact information with third parties. If making an anonymous donation, your name will not be included in any public communications regarding this fundraiser.

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